Maintain You Patience with Youth Hunters

You know in the hunting world you have to be able to be patient. I’m sure a lot of you have hunted with youth hunters and know the importance of being patient; you might get frustrated because you can’t seem to find that buck you have been looking for, of you might get mad when you do find it and your young hunter misses that shot. I bring this up because in the hunting and fishing world you would drive yourself nuts if you didn’t have patience.

In the off season I coach Little League Baseball, My son’s major’s team. We played a double header and lost both games, my boy made two critical errors that cost us 5 runs between the two games, Did that make us loose the Games, I don’t think so but it really slowed the momentum that our team had going. I have to admit I was pretty hard on him for those errors, and I know getting onto him didn’t help him play any better, I’m pretty sure it made him think too much Needless to say our boys didn’t give up and played hard throughout the 4th inning. The games have a 2 hour time limit.

This brings me to my point. Being patient in all aspects of life is very important, whether it be in hunting, fishing, or even a little league baseball game. Tell them the mistake they made so they can learn from it and encourage them to keep trying. Being patient with new hunters and keeping it fun is the most important.


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