Arizona Draw Results

The Arizona Draw results have been posted. If you did not draw a Arizona Coues deer tag don’t be alarmed , Arizona has plenty of left over tags that still will give you a great opportunity to hunt . Contact us and we can help you with the left over tag process.

Arizona Wild Fires

Arizona is under siege by the ever growing wild fires. Please don’t be alarmed the areas we hunt have not been affected by these fires. The horse shoe 2 fire is burning in the chricahua mountains but has not burned the lands we will be hunting. As a matter of fact it has pushed more animals into the areas we will be hunting in January.

Arizona Wild Fires

Arizona Is in extreme drought at this time and the wild fires are devastating areas in the south and northern portions of the state. Please don’t be concerned if you have a hunt booked with us .The areas we hunt are not at this time being affected by these wild fires.

Arizona Gould’s Turkey Hunt.

We would like to congratulate Tim From Michigan on his first successful Gould’s turkey hunt. We called this 26# tom into only 25 yards on the first morning of his hunt. The bird has a 10.5″ beard and 1″ spurs . Again Congrats to you Tim, we had a great time

Az Elk Application

It’s time to apply for Az elk. If you have a few bonus points or don’t have any at all , give us a chance to help you draw one of the coveted Arizona tags.Our clients consistently Harvest 320 to 360 class bulls and don’t have to wait 10 years to get a tag. Please contact us at 

Ward’s Outfitters (Here We Go)

So it all begins on the 27th , we will have two bow hunters in camp for five day hunts. I will be keeping all of you updated through the end of January , we have 26 hunts to keep you  in tune with. Please keep in mind we will be hunting hard and most of the time we will not have service in the areas we are hunting.  I do head home every night and I will then keep you all in the loop of things.

Thanks and stay tuned for updates!!!!!

4 For 4 On Mule Deer Hunts (Click Here To See Photos)

With all the land access problems in Southern az I think we did very well , We went 4 for 4 on Mule deer this season and are still maintaing a 100% harvest record for all our rifle hunts, Congrats to all the hunters involved.

2010 Rifle Coues Deer Hunt Success. With More to Come !!!!!!!

Ending the season strong!

The early archery season ended and now were gearing up for the Arizona Archery Elk season. The early hunts took place over the past two weeks, we had a total of four clients in camp two the first week and two the second. Unfortunately none of the clients harvested Coues deer , but they all had shot opportunities , the four clients in camp took a total of ten shots. We all had a great time and made multiple stocks per day. On average we were seeing 20 bucks per day and the best day was 26 bucks

Almost over before it began

I will have to say things have been going very good yesterday we dropped off two clients and picked up one. Larry and I got to camp and he did a bit of shooting , and shot very well, I then decided to take him out for a short trip to give him an idea of where we would be hunting so he would get a feel of what he was in for . I stopped and glassed a creek bottom that we have been hunting all week and immediately glassed up 5 bucks . we began our stalk both of us were in shorts he was wearing a bright orange shirt and I was wearing a almost white shirt so I knew we were going to stick out in the bright green grass. to make a long story short we got within 20 yards to the bucks as they fed in the bottom . we couldn’t get a shot due to the tall grass and they began feeding away from us. we crawled a little closer and got busted by one of the five . At this point I decided we better make it happen I ranged one of the larger bucks 90″+ at 41 yards only to get a deflection off small limb right in front of us . too bad it was almost over before it even began .