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Gould's Turkey

Arizona and Mexico Gould's Turkey Hunting


Turkey Hunts

Hunters that choose to hunt in Old Mexico will be hunting on 100% private highly managed ranches. Our ranches consist of over 50k acres of Gould’s habitat. Our hunters maintain 100% harvest. Most clients choose to harvest two birds while hunting with us and are afforded that opportunity if we haven’t yet meet our harvest quota. Gould’s turkeys are perfect for archery hunting on our ranches , because we harvest so few birds we have a very high population. This gives the Archery hunter multiple opportunities on your 3 days hunt.


Hunt Info

  • Limit of 6 hunters per hunt depending on ranch
  • Border crossing; Columbus NM  with a 4.5 hour of travel time
  • American and Mexican guides will accompany/assist hunters on all aspects of the hunt for a 2 on 1 hunt
  • All transportation is provided to and from the ranch from El Paso TX and in the field during the hunt
  • All food, soft drinks/water and are provided
  • All shotguns and ammunition are provided
  • Optional Mexico Firearm Permit application service is provided if requested for Shotgun/Muzzle-loader permits for an additional $350.00
  • All trophy care and required documents to import trophies into the US as noted above are provided
  • Hunt Cost is $2500.00 for 3 day hunts for each hunter
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